Bali with Bubba

Firstly packing for overseas with a baby is intense. I ended up following an amazing list I found on Pinterest which helped take the stress out. Also medications, essential oils, my particular nappies were things I couldn't travel without the rest I could buy over there if necessary. We were going for a family friends … Continue reading Bali with Bubba


9 month madness

My gosh I thought I was tired when Mirabelle was a newborn but this is a whole other exhaustion. It's a constant eyes in the back of your head on edge type of tired. Unfortunately with her teething it's proving difficult to be able to sleep and recover from the day before. Since we are … Continue reading 9 month madness

Solo travelling tips

Why was I thinking this would be a breeze travelling with little people is definitely an adventure. Thankfully my Insta tribe all helped out with amazing tips. Ok so the first time I had air bags which were my family so I was very grateful for that - I still did a test run for … Continue reading Solo travelling tips