I now know why bubba got gastro it was the non thinking of a mum bringing her child to our community playgroup who was not well yet and hadn’t been through the incubation period.

What do we do now? Moving forward I’ll be keeping bubba away from her child it might sound full on but I tell you now in those 5 days I really got scared.

Never mind the 3 days of vomiting which made her so weak she couldn’t walk but it was the helpless feeling I felt that I couldn’t physically help her?…..



The 10 changes of clothes a day so she’d be comfortable and not have spewed on clothes or soiled pants.

The constant longing for comfort – I must admit I who asks for cuddles after Day 4 was totally depleted of energy.

It was the constant clinging and crying and the non movement. My daughter is so active I usually can’t keep up.

It was her health deteriorating at a rapid pace that totally broke my heart.

It was taking her to the doctors to make sure I could still feed her even though she’d be sick straight after –

one great TIP I found out no matter how many times they vomit some milk will
always stay in to hydrate them.

Another TIP was to press their skin to see how dehydrated they were.

Another TIP Even if they had half the wet nappies they usually do they are ok.

Another TIP is to use Hydralyte the clear version has no food colouring as easier to keep down – the lovely lemonade icypoles worked best for us.

I’m not a huge go to the doctor girl but when in doubt definitely get your fears resolved – that peace of mind is Priceless.

It wasn’t just me but another mum who’s babies got sick too, how do you explain this to a mum who really hasn’t been educated and just wants to get out and meet other mums.

Unfortunately the mumma got struck with it too, I luckily avoided it due to the amazing whole food compliments and vegan plant based protein powder I’m on – if any of you are struggling with energy or health please get in touch – I’m loving helping mumma’s and anyone really with their health and happiness goals – it’s helped me keep my calm with the following aswell.


I’m trying to have no judgement I swore I wouldn’t judge any other mums but when it has to do with my babies health I’m sorry I just can’t help myself.

What would you do in my situation?

Take her aside and speak with her?

Not say anything just warm other mums?

I’m really not sure what to do I would want to know even if I was a young mum so I would then know the right etiquette.

I’m struggling with this mumma’s please help me.

Lots of love from M & M


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