Bali with Bubba

Firstly packing for overseas with a baby is intense. I ended up following an amazing list I found on Pinterest which helped take the stress out. Also medications, essential oils, my particular nappies were things I couldn’t travel without the rest I could buy over there if necessary. We were going for a family friends wedding so also needed to pack outfits for us both for a few days if celebrations.

So we had an early morning flight and bubba was great in transit and on the flight. As it would be her usual sleeping time I breast fed her a few times and she slept on me and on the pillow I brought ( which was a godsend ). She was only awake towards the end of the flight so that was a successful inbound flight!

We arrived at the hotel and it was lovely from the moment we stepped into reception it was such a lovely and warm experience.

We stayed at the Bali Nusa Dua Hotel across the road from the beach and a short walk to restaurants, local shopping and most importantly spas.
Another thing that became clear very early on is how much the Balinese love babies – so much love and attention which was very sweet.


We enjoyed mornings resting and afternoons in the pool.

Then the wedding festivities begun they were staying at the luxurious Nusa Dua resort and spa right on the beach. It was wonderful to see and reconnect with family and friends we hadn’t seen in years.

The wedding ceremony and events were all bright bold and beautiful.
The Buddhist ceremony looked like something out of a Bollywood film such vibrance.

Bali on a whole was wonderful and as we had a routine so to speak Mirabelle was fantastic except for one or two late nights she was a dream.

We simply relaxed didn’t do a heap of sight seeing everything revolved about bubba’s mood and every levels which was great for me.

One thing for sure she loved all the waiters staring and smiling – I’m definitely in trouble in the future with these flirtatious & social being.

Everyone was taken with her and I got to have a break most days which was lovely.

On a whole my first impression of Bali was wonderful we managed to get everywhere we needed to without much difficulty. The people were very polite and we had a ball.

Leaving was difficult I felt like I was really relaxing in the last few days ( always the way ). So we packed up and off we went, unfortunately bubba was way more active so the airport and plane ride home was a lot more challenging. We were only away for 8 days but so many changes in that time and in the plane she got very bored….. I was so happy when we landed just to give her some freedom so she could crawl around.

My only complaint was our Virgin plane was a domestic and not an international place which meant not enough changing tables and toilets. I will not travel again with them if they don’t get with the programme and work out 170 people with children can’t be happy with 2 toilets – seriously don’t cut corners and supply overseas planes!!!

After immigration etc it was in the early hours of the morning so we collapsed into bed.
I would highly recommend Bali for families with small children they are equipped even in the smallest places with high chairs so a massive thumbs up πŸ‘πŸ»

The memories we created were beautiful and the fact we both have a pic with a frangipani behind our ear is priceless.


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