9 month madness

My gosh I thought I was tired when Mirabelle was a newborn but this is a whole other exhaustion.

It’s a constant eyes in the back of your head on edge type of tired. Unfortunately with her teething it’s proving difficult to be able to sleep and recover from the day before.

Since we are back to co sleeping every little move wakes you up & who needs a partner when you are sleeping with a snoring Lil bear…..

I’m sure this week will pass and next week will be better I can only hope.

Actually thought it might be a leap but she is actually in between at the moment so there’s no rationalising her night time antics except for teething and wanting to party all night long.

I’ll be researching more Rock a bye Bub app and maybe even the book Save your sleep!!

I’ve had friends recommend it and warn me against it – would love your advice mumma’s?!

Then to wake up on Sunday morning and realise I missed my 25 year school reunion last night?….. I didn’t set a calendar reminder so that’s my fault for sure – I saw all the happy pics this morning and definitely missed out on a fun night.

I will get my act together one day. Now the sun is shining so we will head out to a park or somewhere she can explore every speck of dirt in her thumb and fore finger.

Watching her explore and her curiosity with every little thing makes up for the lack of sleep and total confusion in my timeline of this thing they call life ( quoting a prince song well I changed it up a bit )

The constant pulling herself up onto things especially on the tiles gives me a heart attack about a hundred times a day. My nerves are shot which doesn’t help my PNA at all

What is with the non sleeping during the day? Am I missing tired signs and then she gets overactive….

Need help but can not do controlled crying – what’s your suggestion mumma’s?

How can I lose my cool with that angelic face? It only took 100 pics to get this one shot 🤣

Lots of love,

M & M



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