Solo travelling tips


Why was I thinking this would be a breeze travelling with little people is definitely an adventure.

Thankfully my Insta tribe all helped out with amazing tips.

Ok so the first time I had air bags which were my family so I was very grateful for that – I still did a test run for my trip to Sydney which was just bubba and I.

Going through security check was the hardest thing to be honest as you need to take whatever baby carrier you have on and place on conveyor belt….


You can’t pass baby to security so strike up a convo which someone behind you and politely ask them to hold your baby for one moment.

The waiting for the flight was also not fun as if you are sitting they want you to be walking around ( 6 months and above that is ) I think travelling with smaller babies would be easier as they don’t know any better as they aren’t on the move as yet….

To all the essential oil users they are a god send on planes I use Young Living oils and these are my favourites : lavender oil to relax, thieves for immunity & of course gentle baby, peace & calming are perfect for a flight.

I’ll be writing a more specific oils blog very soon so let me know what interests you?


On the plane I was under strict instructions from all my fellow mumma’s to feed on take off and landing to equalise their little ears and did the Melbourne trip this worked great. Unfortunately for Sydney back to the GC her ears started giving her trouble and there was absolutely nothing I could do to make it better for her – 5 mins of crying on a plane seems like an eternity but I had gorgeous ladies beside me who were very supportive.


To all the eye rolls and people without children – listen up we have no control of our babies when they cry imagine your ears popping and you can’t communicate all you can do is cry…. It’s absolute torture for the parents so please don’t make a anxious situation any worse please have a bit of compassion – PNA look it up please.

I would definitely recommend and highly advise not feeding prior to flight so they are hungry when you are taking off and landing – it works a treat.

Spare change of clothes for both of you in the baby bag ( in case of a poonami), toys, rusks, teething toys and for us a water bottle was our saviour – you know what works for your baby!!

Finally don’t wear white, always have a scarf to cover spit up or stains there are always stains said a very wise mumma.

Actually the plane tray table and windows are big toys for exploring bubba’s – especially the safety card they will love trying to eat or especially if they are teething. Definitely bring some teething rings for the trip.


Overall Mirabelle was a champ a few hiccups but she luckily was very good for the majority of the flights thanks to all those wonderful tips & of course my baby miracle oils.

Get out there travel and fingers crossed you have a smooth trip like us.

Now for overseas in 2 months I’ll definitely blog about that too – I’ll be praying on that one for sure 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽


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