SELF CARE – Physio



Who else has a body that isn’t quite what it used to be before birth?

In the above image I might look slim however this didn’t help with the pressure of bubba being engaged for the last 3 months of pregnancy made my pelvic area super tender…..

I suffered from Symphsis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD) during labour – Ouch I literally couldn’t walk for a week….

Now here I am finally getting my self back on track after bubba is 5 months old and went to my first physio appointment.

I’ve never been to the physio before so was a little daunting until I met Liz – so down to earth and relaxed and made it all easy.

We first chatted about why I was there what issues I had in my body – once I started it didn’t seem to stop. The SPD was obvious but I’d lost strength in my core which in turn effects my back.

The list went on and on, so as the examination began I was excited to feel better.

I answered every question enthusiastically and she said she wished every patient wanted to get better. I just couldn’t fathom that I was dying to get into see her but I misplaced my referral letter from my GP.

There’s apparently lots of compo cases she sees daily and they don’t care if they get better or not – WTF?…..

Anyway back to the exam I did the usual lift one leg etc till we got to pelvic floor – who else is still leaking??

Mine is literally delayed on the right side which my pelvis is also rotated and lowered – my poor right side it certainly has copped it.




So I am now strapped up to give me support and I’m even going to yoga today with it all still on. It’s definitely restricting so hopefully it’s giving me some extra support.

I’ve got atleast 5 weeks of Rehab to get my body back to it’s best working order.

The moral of the story is we really do need to look after ourselves so we can look after our precious babies. Putting ourselves on the back burner also affects how we mother and our general mood.

Go and do something that will make you feel better today and I can’t wait to hear what it is?

Who else got physio treatments and feels better for it?

Lots of love,

Meranda & Mirabelle Xxx


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