New Year New You


Hey mumma’s,

Who else hasn’t got a handle on this New Year as yet?

I had the best of intentions to
– buy a diary ( which I haven’t done )
– write down goals and dreams for this year
– work out how to have a job and still look after bubba

It’s super hard when you baby you had started going down for daily naps suddenly doesn’t anymore and is so overtired – all you want to do is pull your hair out.

We’ve seen found out poor Bub is teething but I had some lose my cool moments which I’m not proud of – but hey I’m human and there’s only so much one person can bear without having a loving & supportive partner along for the ride.

I really must be more gentle with myself I’m certainly not getting my to do list done like before in one day try a week or two now.

So what can us mumma’s do?

I’m going to start by writing things I want to achieve right in my Notes section on my phone and then when I have it clear and concise I’ll write in a journal.

Also just writing your thoughts down in the morning whatever it is no judgement can clear those first morning thoughts out and you can have a fabulous day.

I learned this from the book The Artists Way which was challenging but much easier to do whilst I was pregnant.

Even if it’s I don’t know what to write twenty times other thoughts come in and then you get to some sort of flow & otherwise just writing anything seems to clear your mind for other possibilities.

Another way is to have an Attitude of Gratitude say out loud or write down ( if you have the time ) 5 things that you are grateful for – it can change your mindset and your day for that matter.

I’ll keep in touch and write how and when I do get to write some goals etc down for 2017 & would love to hear your ways too!!

Lots of love,

M & M Xxx


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