Breastfeeding Dramas

img_4719So my beautiful angel was born on the 21 August at 10.29am by 10.55am she had found her way to my breast and started her first feed of colostrum it was so special I’m tearing up right now writing this…

The sensation was obviously very new for us both but she seemed to know exactly what she was doing.

It seemed quite simple at the beginning she would cry and I would feed her and then the dramas began.

She seemed to arch her back and scream whilst feeding her poor lil tummy was giving her so much pain.

So you go through what am I doing wrong? Am I eating something that’s affecting her? Do I have enough milk?

So the exploration began I firstly went and saw a Cranio Sacral osteopath who was going to readjust her after a full on delivery using a vacuum – it definitely helped in the moment and we found out there was something up with her palette and tongue.

Further the investigation went to a lactation consultant first one through child health who meant well but didn’t really help with any questions that I needed answers – ‘Her digestive system is young and that’s why she’s in so much pain’

I started eliminating citrus and chilli out of my diet and that didn’t help. We tried Infants friend drops which she physically was repulsed by… not Fun to administer then we thought gripe water – old school had to work. It definitely helped but no cigar.

Then we were referred to an amazing lactation consultant Robyn Noble ( who opened the first private breast feeding clinic in Australia ) it was the best $ I have ever spent she gave me tips and advice and cleared the noise from all the advice I’d been lovingly given.

We found out from that visit that little one had oral thrush probably from the glycerin in the drops we were giving her….

A pro biotic sorted that out in a few days and we had a new baby – miracle result.

Also a new revelation a possible tongue tie so the investigation continued we went to see a third lactation consultant to get another opinion before taking her for a simple ( apparently ) operation.

The lovely lady at GCUH let me know I had milk overload that’s why she hung off the end of my breast when I thought she wasn’t latching properly – she was controlling the flow the clever little girl.

It was the second time I heard this so I lean back now especially in morning feeds so she doesn’t choke from too much flow.

Also the tongue tie was posterior not alterior was going to sort itself out with breastfeeding and no need for an operation which was such a relief.

So bubba’s gut was so much better and all was going so much better that was a tough fourth trimester.

I know this won’t be the end of the changes however we made it now for the fourth leap – that’s a whole new blog.

Let me know what issues you’ve had mumma’s would love to hear your feedback.

Lots of love,
M & M Xxx


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