What’s with all the judgement?


Judgy wudgy was a bear…..

Have noticed a total shift in attitudes from other mums and even people who aren’t parents – the judging of other people’s parenting styles – WTF is that about??!!

Who are they to judge???

I for one will refrain from judging other parents what you do with your children is your business not mine – the only time I will even kick up a fuss is if it directly affects my child even then it will be handled with tact.

What happens to women as soon as you give birth – you think you have a right to judge others?

Or maybe they were judgemental all along & now feel they have an excuse – who the hell knows but please refrain from judging my situation or my parenting skills.

Focus on your own children and remember what a hard job we have!!

Don’t you think supportive behaviour would be kinder I mean we all have so much in common – if we gathered together instead of going against each other imagine what us mothers could create?

I have now decided I will surround myself with people who won’t judge my journey or parenting skills – as you other mumma’s and single mumma’s know it’s hard enough without the judgement

I’m not saying I possibly haven’t done it in the past as I feel you think you know better – but let me tell you until you are here you have no idea.

Thank you for listening and to end on a brighter note I feel like I’m in a new club as other mums see you with a pram and strike up a conversation so that is just lovely.

Can’t wait to hear your feedback.

Love M & M Xxx



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