You Can Do This

How do you mumma’s adjust?

It’s been a struggle not to be working having my independence and be able to leave the house with just my wallet and keys.

In Sydney I had 3 jobs right up until I was 7.5 months pregnant when I made the move to Queensland to have the support of my parents.

I’m very blessed to have this time with my baby – I know other mum’s will be going back to work soon.

It’s just such a change to have this little being to be so dependant on me for all her needs.

The first few weeks were a blur I was a sleep deprived mess and now days seem to go in a blink of an eye – just staring at her all day long.

Doing this on my own doesn’t really help your emotional state either – I do understand why this is designed to have a supportive partner on this journey.

You get married and then have kids – yes in an ideal world.

I was married and it didn’t work out so staying in that marriage would’ve been a worse situation so I must remind myself of that everyday….


Just to have someone to talk through sleep deprivation and all things baby land is key – so I speak with friends with babies just older who have gone through what I’m going through right now.

It’s reassuring as being a first time mum can definitely have scary moments.

I think being organised is also key to basically be prepared for all disasters.

Poo explosions which now I also need a change of clothes too!! Also a spare pair of shoes for thong blow out that was a fun day indeed – but I had to just laugh about it and go with the flow.

I do have some help and I really have never asked for it before being fiercely independent – now however to have some peace of mind I do ask for a rest and shower time everyday.

Doing daily rituals has helped me have some routine which in turn helps Mirabelle.

If I’m not doing well how can I look after her properly – it certainly is another world!

I’ll go into my rituals in detail in another blog for you and even if you take one on – it will help you get through the day I promise.

So to end it’s a huge learning curve and as they say in a plane – ‘Put your oxygen mask on first then attend to your child’ this statement has never made more sense than now.

Look after yourself mumma and the adjustments to being a mother will seem easier.

Let me know what you do to adjust from not working?

I will start working from home in the near future but for now I must be present & enjoy each day as it comes.

I feel truly blessed to be a mother I just want to be the best mumma I can be!

Can’t wait to hear your feedback.

Much love to you mumma’s

Love M & M


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