35 Week Ultrasound


Such a special day since it was going to clear up possibly how I am going to give birth.

For the longest time I’ve been told I have a low laying placenta which means my options for giving birth were to only have a caesarean.

My father lovingly joined me which was so lovely as I know how much he dislikes hospitals.

Walking in I felt nerves and excitement to see bubba – so the ultrasound technician got on her way and made me feel very comfortable.

She did all the measurements she needed to and then proceeded to show my father her lil face, her heartbeat, her spine and her little lips sucking and swallowing. He was amazed by the technology as there was nothing like this when I was born.

Once again I was a old the placenta was laying low and that bubba was blocking my cervix so they needed to do an internal ultrasound – something I was very used to however I’m sure it wasn’t comfortable for my father.

Then another technician came in for a second opinion he disagreed after pressing down on my organs – so pleasant NOT!!! Bubba pushed right back up at him which was funny and he thought she was very feisty – I let him know he had no idea.

So now suddenly I’m apparently in the safe zone and can have a natural childbirth at 35 weeks I get told this – what the.

After seeing my obstetrician the following week who abruptly let me know I needed to get induced at 39 weeks I really felt like my head was in a spin.

All of this new information so close to the end of my pregnancy was really unsettling to say the least…. I didn’t know what to think what to do I was spinning out of control for the first time – I’ve had such a calm and peaceful time however that was now ending.

How many other ladies out there were told something their whole pregnancy and then felt like the rug was pulled out from beneath you?….

To explain the ultrasound pic it was all too much for her as her little fingers and hand was placed above her forehead – heaven help me she’s already possibly a drama queen – too funny!

Can’t wait to hear your feedback ladies.

Big love to you all Xxx


One thought on “35 Week Ultrasound

  1. The First Time Single Mum says:

    I haven’t had a similar experience but just wanted to wish you luck over the next few weeks! I bet your so excited and nervous at the same time! Let us know how you get on! x


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