The Ugly Truth about Pregnancy


Well my lovelies just letting you in on some top secrets – although not exactly sure why they are secrets.

Surprises at this pointy end of the pregnancy are not fun.

Thank gosh for my girlfriend who was 10 weeks ahead of me and told me the ugly truth.

Let’s just say getting a very rude shock in the shower one morning a few weeks ago was not a total heart attack – as she had let me in that it had happened to her…..

Oh yes ladies the lovely hemmrhoid….

It’s not pretty however since talking about it with mums it’s apparently quite a normal occurrence during pregnancy. WTF isn’t this common knowledge.

Ok so what is a hemorrhoid?
Hemorrhoids are enlarged veins in the anus or lower rectum. They often go unnoticed and usually clear up after a few days, but can cause long-lasting discomfort, bleeding and be excruciatingly painful. Effective medical treatments are available.

Not sexy at all is this why you are meant to be married whilst pregnant – I’m guessing so….

Also another massive. Change in my body was a lovely big lump in my underarm, the proximity to my breast was scary which made me terrified to go and have the ultrasound.

I waited 12 weeks to be exact – silly but just wanted to stay calm and peaceful during my pregnancy. Didn’t think I could handle being on my own and having another thing go wrong – having the father not want anything to do with it was enough for me to cope with.

Didn’t think finding out something else was wrong would be advisable for my peace of mind at this point.

So let’s not forgot I am apparently having the fairytale pregnancy as I’m so slim and compact however what you don’t realise is because I’m so tight I feel every little movement – I’ve prayed for a little more padding or fluid however all of our bodies are so different that this is how mine is for now.

Also down this end of the pregnancy the chronic groin pain is another natural part of this process. My little bubba has been head down for 14 weeks and ain’t budging therefore I have a lot of pressure down there and most kicks feel like she is kicking me directly in the ……..

I am not taking away anything from the miracle of being pregnant but I think these few things should be out in the open and spoken about more freely & openly.

Please let me know what has been happening in your bodies ladies I would love to know.

Big love to you all Xxxx


One thought on “The Ugly Truth about Pregnancy

  1. Mumma Of Two_ says:

    So many unknowns when becoming pregnant!
    When I was pregnant with my first, I got the weirdest rash on my shoulder. Not even doctors knew what it was!
    2 days after giving birth it was gone.
    And also shortly after falling pregnant with my first, I started suffering from hayfever and an allergy to cats – which have never effected me ever before!

    I know someone that became allergic to penicillin during pregnancy!


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