The Adventure has only just begun!


Well that was an absolute whirlwind! I’ve literally just come up for air and I’ve been back on the GC for one week.

Between packing up a house full of things that somehow fit into a unit then filling 2 cars with just the essentials – didn’t realise how many essentials I had…

Thankfully my beautiful friend Ian took up a van load of baby furniture etc over a month ago. Can never thank him enough for literally saving me so much time & money – one of my closest and most generous friends in the world.

For 3 days I did nothing but pack and get asked do I want this? Do I need this? It was so exhausting – emotionally & physically.

I’ve had so many friends help in the packing and moving process – so the most massive thank you to Jemma, Monica, Shavon, Liza, Poysa, Kirsty & of course the amazing guys who moved whatever didn’t sell onto the street – biggest thank you to Trent, Emmanuel, Ian & Damien.

Moving day was definitely emotional as this was the place that Trent & I lived when we were married – I cried it out in the morning even thinking of leaving this place that held so much joy at one stage of our lives together.

The fact that we can still be friends and care about each other after our separation speaks volumes about who we are as human beings.

It was definitely cleansing in all areas and I feel a massive weight lifted with all the clothes, shoes & furniture that were donated to charity. Even some of my most precious antique pieces!

There are great charities you should get in touch with if you are decluttering or moving one is the Freedom Hub who help refugees etc get back on their feet by setting them up in fully furnished apartments.

A wise man once told me ‘It’s just things you can’t take them with you’.

So with the same thinking of my Style Mistress business and also with Marie Condo’s does this item spark Joy? It definitely helped me in this massive job of moving whilst pregnant.

I more than likely overdid it physically however after 2 days of packing and cleaning with my parents & then doing a convoy with the oldies!


Today I finally started to have a small rest in the afternoon – I think this will get me back on track.

My parents are beyond amazing they have given me their master bedroom and assembled the beautiful Boori cot I was so generously given. It was such a nice surprise after a very long journey.

Only after a week I feel like it’s finally starting to feel like my room which is comforting.

It will definitely be a beautiful place for bubba and I.

We’ve been cooking up a storm and I’ve even made homemade lemonade from organic lemons from our lovely neighbours.


I guess the nesting is starting early.

Has anyone else moved interstate whilst pregnant?

Would love to hear from you.

Biggest love Xxx

My new view:




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