The best baby shower ever!


Firstly please excuse my lack of blogging between packing and getting ready to move interstate – it’s been hectic to say the least!!


What a day the weather change to torrential rain I’m sure will keep some of my gorgeous girls away…

So my beautiful Anna picked me up and helped me pile groceries, decorations etc into her car.


Decorations I thought to keep simple and pretty with the baby bunting and pink paper Pom poms that I’d seen all over Instagram. It ended up looking lovely as pictured above & below:


Donna arrived with her wonderful food and delicious Lolly jars and I then decided to decorate the wooden table in the living area.


Friends started arriving whilst I was doing this so I got beautiful Harlow to help scatter butterflies and put diamond decorations in between the amazing Paper flower display from the talented Stuart McLachlan.


The marble table was such a gorgeous backdrop for all the wonderful cakes, fruit, Lolly jars, spanakopita, iced vo vo’s. Had to take a few pics before starting to devour the goodies.

Donna’s coconut cake looked almost too pretty to eat – Massive thank you to you for your huge effort with all the food!!

As below:

It all looked too good to resist so invited everyone to start eating and drinking after a few more ladies arrived.

Rose and pink champagne flowing finished it off perfectly. It all came together and looked like a picture postcard.


Thank you to all the lovely women who bought a plate & made it all come together.

Also my gorgeous friend Sue who offered her home the amazing hostess with the mostess. She even reminded me to breathe when all the female energy was getting overwhelming for me!


Everyone enjoyed Donna’s delicious spanakopita we all had to have seconds.

Once we had eaten to our hearts content we journeyed into the living room where Jemma had organised a beautiful circle for the first ritual

Water blessing:
In which each gorgeous goddess washed my feet and gave me motherly pearls of wisdom taking me from princess to Queen.


Such a special part of the afternoon with advice that I’ll never forget – it was emotional and very happy in the same moment.



The second was another beautiful ritual in which each special friend gave me a bead and one word and in the end it made a gorgeous bracelet for me to wear up until the day of giving birth – like the goddess and friendship energy will look after me till I give birth.

Then we had fun games of guessing who was this baby? The girls brought baby pics and it was interesting trying to decipher who was who.

Final game was guessing the measurement of the bump which everyone really got into and there was a tie for first place!


Then we just chatted and had more goodies and really connected as it might be the last time I saw all these women in one room.

Enjoyed every moment with these precious ladies that I’ve know some for 20 years and some more recently.

I feel totally supported and that I can do this especially after this very memorable and special day.

Thank you to all who could make it, braved the awful weather and were part of an indescribable day that I’ll remember always.


Love you ladies you are my chosen family!! Xxxxxxx


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