Morning Rituals for Single Mums to be

So to start every day in a peaceful and calm way I have some rituals that I like to perform that ensure what my day looks like.

Saying out loud ‘ I am happy and grateful for my family ‘ Be thankful for atleast 5 things in life


2. GUIDED MEDITATION: I personally listen to Oprah & Deepak and it seems to help me

I introduce different artists every morning along with a dance session


Also lighting candles makes my little pad feel like a spa.

5. SELF MASSAGE: Warming up coconut oil and rubbing from feet to head – let it soak in prior to a warm to hot shower


6. PRE NATAL YOGA: I just watch channels on You Tube pick your trimester and enjoy as this always energises me.


7. THANK YOU Blessing: I read this just before leaving the house – it seems to stay with me throughout the day.
If I have time to do it all well it’s a fabulous day no matter what life throws at me.

If not just doing a few rituals really works too – it really is just putting your mind in the right direction.

It’s very easy to get into a negative mindset when you are alone in this journey.

However I have to remember every moment how grateful I am to be pregnant as it really is a miracle.

So I’ve just got to focus on that and when I have a lovely moment – I think she’s all mine and I don’t have to share her what a luxury that is in itself.

In this process you’ve got to look at the bright side of life otherwise a lot of single mums can really hit rock bottom – which is totally understandable.

I have my moments don’t get me wrong – I’m not super human I’ll have my days that’s why I created this daily rituals to help me be strong.

It’s tough being on your own and I salute every woman who is on a similar path.

Hopefully this can inspire and motivate some beautiful ladies to have more good than bad days.

Sending you all love my single mums and solo mum’s – you are the greatest!! Xxx


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