I finally get Maternity Style ladies

imageOk so I’m over half way through of this journey and just figuring out how to pregnancy style.

Since I’ve been a personal stylist for over 10 years I thought I could overcome any body issue – however pregnant bodies were a whole new ball game.

So the celebs Kimmy K and Chrissy Teigan have got it right.

Well I must say Kimmy you do go to an extreme and Chrissys style is way more elegant.


So for evening it’s fitted so you can see the bump and you don’t feel just plain old frumpy…

I’ve been wearing Bec and bridge, asos maternity and anything so is body con without cutting off your circulation.

During the day you can do fitted but with baggier pieces like fitted singlet with boyfriend jeans and casual shoes like springcourts.

Also during the day fitted dresses on top with a flared skirt work well for showing off the bump & being able to walk comfortably.

To disguise or cover baby doll tops have worked a treat for me ( day & night ) when I don’t want too much pregnancy attention.

Don’t get me wrong it’s been lovely but some days you just don’t feel like answering questions.

It is a beautiful experience overall and having not had morning sickness I feel extremely grateful – do some of you get exhausted from all the questions and unwanted advice??

I certainly do and that’s just being honest which people don’t expect – we are just meant to smile politely and say everything is fine.

However sometimes it’s not…. So put your best clothes on with a bright lipstick and go conquer girls you can do it!!


I praise you all you solo and single mums out there – you are my Inspiration!!

As always a special thank you to my parents who drove down – packed up half my unit and per usual saved my life & made my birthday all that more special. LOVE YOU GUYS!!! Xxx


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