How do you thank guardian angels?


This is dedicated to my beautiful parents who will be my partner’s in this amazing new adventure!

I’m so excited that they will finally see the bump in person next week for my birthday.

My final birthday before bubba arrives – what to do & what to wear! My bff Jemma will help me figure things out.

Getting back to my parents they are such wonderful human beings and just got back from Japan after celebrating their 46th wedding anniversary.

Mum has always wanted to see ‘cherry blossom season’ and so that’s what they did.

I loved all their amazing pics but especially the one with my mum adoring a gorgeous young Japanese girl – it was a sneak peek into my future! The love and joy it will bring our whole family make it all worth it.

Mum and Dad you must know that your love & support have really made me feel at ease about this new journey. Whenever I have doubts I think of how much you are both sacrificing to have me and bubba join your lives.

Finding out today you are even giving me your large bedroom was overwhelming – I can now plan a beautiful nursery for this little miracle I have inside me.

There are no words to thank you and I guess I will find that all out the day I become a parent.

The unexplained & unexpected I hope you can guide me through to the best of your ability.

We will get through this together, I feel like everything will work out because it has to. It’s what life has brought me and I can’t imagine it being any other way.

As I sit in a place that is full of furniture I’m slowly but surely clearing & decluttering so I can press the reset button once I arrive back on the GC.

Forever grateful to you two hopefully one day I can show you how much.

Love always,

Your daughter

Mando Xxxxxxxxxxx


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