What is a better word than Thank you


This is a dedicated blog to all of my Facebook & Instagram community for the beautiful embrace I felt when I shared my personal journey with you.

I want another word for Thank you as I really felt the love in your comments and personal messages.

You feel quite alone on this journey and you have all made me feel extremely supported and loved.

I know I won’t be feeling alone soon enough so great advice from another solo mum is to enjoy every moment before bubba arrives with baths, reading, movies and in general being able to leave the house with one bag and not ten bags….

It is definitely great advice and I feel like everyday I’m grateful for this time before the arrival.

Even though I can’t wait to meet her, I know from that first moment it will turn my whole world upside down.

The unexpected is scary & exciting. I’m listening to my friends who are mums rather than reading every book.

I think seeing my bump app every week and reading what I absolutely need to will keep me sane through this process.

Reading too much information will only put my head into a spin, when my priority is to stay calm, peaceful and happy for bubba.

Another beautiful piece of advice was from a long friend -saying that it will an easier road without having to argue over religion, what school she is going to, daily decisions in life etc

I hadn’t quite thought about that so it’s a really nice way to know I’ve chosen the right path with this amazing new adventure!

I’m so lucky to have the greatest resource my beautiful yummy mummy friends – they’ve been there done that and have offered some great advice. There is also the unwanted advice which I’m slowly learning to deal with.

Creating boundaries is a new big lesson that I’m learning and it will serve me through you motherhood I am sure.

Once again to all you lovely human beings thank you for your heartfelt words, you have no idea what they meant to me!!

I am capable and am lucky enough to have the support of family and close friends who are like family. So I feel grateful and blessed each and every day that this little miracle has chosen me as her mother.

Can’t wait to share this journey with my beautiful Gold Coast family & friends Xxx


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