The second time to see you baby girl


So I’ve literally been counting down the days to seeing you again bubba!!

I have the most wonderful friend Sarah taking me which makes it even better.

So I fill myself up with water in the hour before ultrasound – uncomfortable fullness this time since my belly has popped however focusing on the positives of seeing you very soon.

We arrive in the peaceful and tranquil clinic – whoever did the styling did a great job as you see I’m quite anxious before every ultrasound hoping everything will be ok.

We get called in and I have a 4th year trainee ask if it’s ok if she conducts ultrasound first then the senior member will arrive. What do you say but yes – my ulterior motive was to see her twice as much.

In reality I could see her little profile and her fingers and toes twice – so lucky!

So she begins as usual I can’t make anything out so Sarah told me a story to calm me down about her personal journey.

We think everyone’s life is perfect except for ours which is so far from the truth.

She has such strength and I truly admire her as a human being!

Ok so we get down to business when the senior consultant arrives.

She guides me and shows me all her little angles which is wonderful & this time they aren’t pressing so hard I feel like I’m going to explode.

All in all a better experience than the first 12 week scan.

They measure her head and all body parts to make sure she is correct length, weight etc – I get a positive result which is always settling.

Am I all done no way I need to empty my bladder as they can’t see my cervix and little girl won’t move – are you stubborn little miss?

Ok so I come back in and oh yes it’s the big internal scan super scary but it actually didn’t hurt – just so I can ease your mind.

So yes now I’m finished and I wait for her photos have a cup of herbal tea and then all done they printed out lots of pics – it’s amazing how much she has developed.

Such a special day made more unique with such a nurturing friend to hold my hand.

Can’t wait to hear about your ultrasounds and pregnancy journey!

Speak soon Xx


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