I LOVE MOVING – Said no one ever


Ok so moving whilst pregnant am I crazy or what?

To move closer to my wonderful family ( who are my partner in this amazing adventure ) is a necessity, although the timing couldn’t be worse.

So even though I’m moving in 2-3 months I’m starting to pack up now, as I’m in my second trimester and still have energy. Packing up stuff is both emotional and cleansing. This was the place I lived with my ex husband so that’s also like clearing out the old and pressing the reset button.

This is the only way I can look at it to cope. Moving in general is traumatic and overwhelming to say the least but whilst pregnant it’s a whole other level of emotions.

Some of you know that I’ve been a personal stylist and have been in fashion for 20 years – yes there will be a trunk show of amazing labels for my friends in Sydney. Family and friends will definitely have first pick and then the other items will be for sale on Swap, Sell, Buy eastern suburbs and High End pages on Facebook.

I’m literally drowning under years of clothing and this is the biggest clothing edit of my life. I will need to take my own advice ( which is always difficult ) to clients and clear and declutter all items that no longer make me feel good. If it doesn’t spark joy it’s gone – also keeping in mind I will need maternity clothing & also what size will I be after giving birth?

So many questions and so little time – any advice my beautiful mothers out there?

Ok so my bookcase is the first point of call – although I’ve had great friends give me the advice that I should keep happy memories around for as long as possible. To live in a unit full of boxes could be depressing more so as I’m going through this journey on my own here ( meaning day in day out ). My friends are gorgeous and check in daily however at the end of the day I live on my own and it makes me realise that I am stronger than I could have ever guessed.

Selling items that you’ve lived with and have such beautiful memories with is another stressful one – learning how to detach and just clear is another big lesson I’m learning.

Moving tips please everyone are needed and wanted!!

Has anyone been through this whilst pregnant and what tips and advice do you have for me?

Off for 20 week ultrasound tomorrow morning which puts it all into perspective – you are my priority bubba girl and all of this will make it worthwhile.

Can’t wait to hear your feedback and really hope you are liking the blog.



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