What is the definition of normal?


What is a normal family ? To society it’s a married couple with children

In this day and age this is almost not the normal. The normal is that there are solo parents who choose to do it on their own. Some don’t necessarily need to do this but choose to do so anyway. Circumstances and situations always change.

We are never alone or on our own. We have family and friends and others who are in the same or similar position.

Spoke to a therapist today and it’s about connecting with our babies and creating a relationship with her to keep us from that lonely feeling.

Focusing on what we have instead on what we don’t have….

The term single mum also comes with different feelings and perceptions – makes us feel like we are the victims and been abandoned…

When in reality we aren’t given more than we can’t handle, so I have chosen to have this little girl as a solo mum.

I find this title so much more empowering.

Who else feels like this?

It’s a new attitude and new way of thinking that I think can only benefit bubba and I.

Would love to hear from you other string and empowered mums and dads who aren’t letting their circumstance overwhelm them with this beautiful gift we have been blessed with.

Thanks everyone and stay in touch X


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