Girl Squad

So my beautiful girlfriends are my lifeline during this new adventure.

They call everyday check in that I’m feeling ok physically and emotionally.

Without them and my family I really don’t know what my mental state would be like.

As Taylor Swift calls her friends the girl squad I must agree that it’s totally uplifting to have your girls that always have your back.

A special friend invited me to a girls dinner there was 3 of us that were pregnant and 3 that weren’t. I’m always anxious in these situations as I don’t know everyone and they don’t know my story, however I was welcomed with open arms & have even made some new friends. The conversation was hilarious and the food was delicious – perfect evening full of laughter and memories.

May I also add whoever invented non alcoholic bubbles is my new favourite person
at least I can feel like I’m socialising without drinking alcohol – you don’t realise how big a part of entertaining and partying alcohol actually is. I know it’s safe to drink a small amount but I’d rather just not drink at all since I’ve been blessed with this wonderful gift.

If you think about it I’m really part of what could be a modern family. These days there are single mums and dads whether it was their choice or circumstance.

I was married and we were trying for years unfortunately it didn’t work out with having a baby and with us in general. So I did try the conventional way in which society accepts you and now possibly not so conventional….

Society and being raised Catholic brings up such shame and guilt – if I let go of those beliefs I could actually focus on my little miracle and be happy all day everyday.

My girls definitely remind me everyday that this is such an exciting time and that this is something I have always imagined being a mother.

This is a big thank you to all of you my girls who call, message and actively ask me out to events, nights out, coffee, dinner, movies, yoga and days at the beach.

You all make this such a happy time and that’s what I choose to focus my time on the blessing I have been given. I’ve also made my first appointment with a psychiatrist so I can heal myself before baby girl arrives – to give me the tools to manage the down nights.

You are my family that I’ve chosen and you all mean the world to me!

Thank you my darling girls for all you do for me and for always being there no matter what time of day or night.

Love you forever and can’t wait for you all to be her favourite aunties and give her cuddles very soon.


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