How to have a friendship with a guy

Well can I say I had the most perfect evening with a very handsome French man….

He is not my husband, my boyfriend or any of the other titles however he is a close male friend.

I cooked dinner he cleaned up and was attentive to all my needs, didn’t let me wait on him hand & foot ( as I usually would ).

A pure gentleman is there such a thing in this day and age? Have I found the rare specimen?

Well I have a few more one who calls to tell me how beautiful I am every other day – absolute legend!

Another who takes me out and we laugh all night – I am indeed so lucky to have these endearing men in my life!

All of the above definitely gives me hope in finding a lovely man in the future.

I don’t think my life has ended because I’ve been labelled a single mum as the dad has gone MIA. I actually think it’s the beginning of such an amazing adventure!

I’m positive about what life will bring me after meeting my baby girl for the first time!

Truly I feel like the luckiest girl in the world! Maybe you get parts of your hopes and dreams just not the full picture.

I’m very happy with how everything has turned out, I know you must find it hard to believe but it is really something I’ve wanted for my whole life to be a mother.

It didn’t work with my husband unfortunately and now I’ve been given this little gift at 40 and naturally – how did I get to be so blessed.

Of course I have down nights and yes they are always at night funnily enough…

My days are bright and happy, but it’s good to have balance in life.

I appreciate every good day when I have a bad night – I am human after all and doing this on my own is tough – so I’ve decided to speak to a therapist and see what I can learn. I find it hard to ask for help but with this part of my journey I feel it is smart and necessary.

Do you my other single parents speak with friends or any experts?

I just think if I keep positive my beautiful little girl will strive calmer and happier – I could be kidding myself but I choose this for her and myself.

Not discrediting my female friends your post is coming up soon – I couldn’t survive without my girl squad you know that for sure!!!

I just think it’s very important for me not to become jaded and bitter because of my situation.

Thank you for supporting me on this journey!


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