Amazing moment to see my baby for the first time


What a day Monday February 15th the day after our first Valentine’s Day together. It is the day for our 12 week ultrasound. Having the support of a close girlfriend always helps in these momentous occasions.

So I followed my instructions – drink a litre of water in one hour prior to arriving & do not go to the bathroom. Sounds easy enough however any pregnant woman knows this is a challenging task. We arrive and the pretty surroundings of the medical imaging clinic ease my nerves whilst feeling like my bladder will explode at any moment.

I got taken in finally and was asked to lay down, the photo’s began so my sister from London could feel as she was there in the room. Ok so the process begins – firstly I notice the warm gel what a nice touch. There is no sound but lots of movement on the screen but I can’t quite make out anything, then the consultant starts guiding me through – that’s the spine, that’s the back of the head.

I then got instructed to do a vigorous dance to flip you over so we can see you properly. You must remember our morning dance sessions as it takes three times but you start somersaulting, fingers crossed you land right side up.

You do finally and it all becomes clear – there are your arms and legs and then I can see your nose and lips. Oh wow I feel like we are meeting for the first time! It is the most surreal & emotional experience I have gone through so far on this journey.
I’m laughing and crying and you keep moving so it’s hard to take your measurement etc – so I talk to you as I talk to you everyday and say nice to meet you my bubba.

This is indescribable how can I possibly explain what I’m feeling. One day you will read this and it will only make sense to you and all the beautiful mothers out there.
You live in their calmly all day long and I wonder are you still there? But to see you today gave me the most intense joy I have ever felt.

The fact it was later tainted with sadness that your father wasn’t there to meet you is a whole other story. I am so grateful to him for you and so blessed to have you in my life. I love you so much my bubba and can’t wait to see you in six months and I know it will fly by so I promise to enjoy each and every day.

Talk to you soon my love.


One thought on “Amazing moment to see my baby for the first time

  1. fiona says:

    Honest, heartfelt and very real…
    Thank you for taking us on your personal journey. And congratulations on your pregnancy! It is without a doubt a celebratory time, regardless of circumstance, practicality or convention. I admire you for your courage and thoughtfulness.


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